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Scott sisters victim thinks justice has been served

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By Katina Rankin - bio | email

This week, we've heard from Governor Haley Barbour, the Scott sisters' mother and attorney about their release from prison. But how do the victims feel about the sisters walking free? 

"I believe they done served enough time." 

Charles is one of the armed robbery victims of Gladys and Jamie Scott. He agreed to an interview if we did not give his last name or reveal his current home town. 

When asked if he was okay with the Scott sisters being released, Charles said, ""For the crime they done I believe they served enough time." 

Charles recalls what happened that evening.

"All I can remember that night is being beat over the head with a shotgun somewhere out in the dark woods somewhere in Scott County, and I can't give you the exact road they was on but I know it was on a back road."

 And here's what happened next. 

"I was beaten over the head with a shotgun. Me and my cousin got in the car and drove to the police station."  

He was asked what else he remembered. 

"What else do I remember? Terrified. I was terrified. I was wondering whether I was going to live or not." He added, "I thought that was the last moment of my life right at my birthday at the age of 23." 

But Charles said he did survive and he holds no hard feelings toward the Scott sisters. 

"I believe they welcome to go. They served enough time for the things they were trying to do to commit a robbery. The guys they had with them did the robbery. The girls just thought it up."

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