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Three narrowly escaped when tree crashed through roof

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PEARL, MS (WLBT) - A Pearl couple and their friend barely escaped with their lives when a tornado blew a tree onto their home New Year's Eve.

The 75 foot tall tree fell onto a triplex at 107 Childre Road, spanning the entire length of the house.

Inside were three people, including a woman four months pregnant.

The house is owned by Johnny and Terry Robinson.

There are three separate apartments, and no residents were home.

Sunday Southern Tree Service finished removing the huge pine.

It took two cranes and more than 24 hours to dismantle the four foot wide tree.

Friday night the man, his wife and a friend were inside when it came crashing through the roof.

The pine was on the west side of the house and fell through the kitchen seconds after the woman walked away.

"She had set her dishes in the sink. She decided to let them soak and so she sat down on her little sofa and while she sat down the wind came up and blew the tree over and there was an air conditioner there and it blew the air conditioner out towards them," said Shawn Wheeler of Southern Tree Service.

The National Weather Service reported winds in pearl of 110 miles per hour.

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