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Tornado cleanup continues in Byram

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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Tornado damage cleanup continued in Byram Monday, as business owners returned to work after the holiday.

Unified Brands, located on the I-55 Frontage Road is starting the new year, cleaning up mother natures mess.

Their building and warehouse, ripped and shredded by Friday's twister.

"Theres roofing and gutters and siding, some of it's ours, some not," said Eric Walzer, Vice President of Manufacturing and Engineering. "Ones we don't know where it's from, we got pretty significant damage to the roof and from that extensive water damage throughout the building."

A handful of businesses on the west side of I-55 sustained similar damage as the tornado made it's way up the Frontage Road.

The employees had cleared out for the new years holiday, just an hour before the storm hit.

"There was quite a bit of structural damage as far as I know within the city limits there was nothing totally demolished, there were some buildings lost walls, some lost roofs but nothing totally demolished," said Byram Mayor Nick Tremonte.

There were no serious injuries reported in Byram after this violent storm.

Mayor Tremonte says a collaborative effort from law enforcement and utility crews helped in the quick recovery.

The first city wide crisis, since Byram became a city, just over a year ago.

"Could have been a different story, could have been real bad as it happened, it was a holiday, it was late in the evening so pretty much everything was shut down, very few people were working late, it hit, if something like this happened, it happened at a good time for us," said Mayor Tremonte.

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