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Attala County morning damage

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By Bert Case - bio | email

Attala County, MS (WLBT)- You have already seen the Attala County storm damage from the air over the weekend, but we got in on the ground Monday morning. 

This double wide trailer some seven miles to the east of west, Mississippi on Highway 19, had one side just turned upside down destroying the home. Just across the street a house, belonging to 52 year old Donnell Elmore, was wiped off it's foundation and sprayed into the woods. Elmore, survived in the rubble but was hospitalized. His brother, Willie Thompson, who lives in a trailer next door, watched his brother's house disintegrate. 

Thompson said, "I was just looking out there, in about five or ten seconds it took that whole house and just took it out into the woods. I went out there, I was looking for him, I didn't see him. He was piled up under there for about 45 minutes before he could crawl out and somebody could get to him.

Thompson was injured with a blow to the head when a tree fell on his trailer. About two miles through the woods, a Baptist retreat took a direct hit from the tornado but nobody got hurt.  Huge tree damage across roads trapped people for a while but everybody got out safely, as we learned from Jim Ray, camp manager.

As many as 6,000 people come to the Central Hills Baptist Retreat each year.

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