Colonial Circle couple deals with the agonizing loss of a family - - Jackson, MS

Colonial Circle couple deals with the agonizing loss of a family member.

Jackson, MS (WLBT)- This crew is cleaning-up a grim reminder for a Colonial Circle couple who is dealing with the agonizing loss of a family member.

 "I was horrified to find our dog Remy laying on the floor, near the back door, in a pool of blood," says one victim.

Remy, a 6 year-old lab, was the victim of the most recent break-in. On Wednesday, assailants kicked-in the backdoor murdered the dog and then stole two TVs and a camera. Police diligently investigated the home for any clues. Looking for potential connections with other crimes.

In December alone the 300, 400 and 500 blocks of Colonial Circle have been hit numerous times. But this act of violence raises their level of fear.

The victim said "We feel like if a gun is going to be used to kill a dog then what's next? I don't think they'll hesitate to kill the homeowner."

 Recent criminal activity here convinced the homeowner to invest in security measures. Despite those measures the intruders were not deterred.

Even more bold these crimes have been happening in broad daylight.

Another resident in the Colonial Circle neighborhood, who has lived in the community since 1988 said it has never been like this. The resident said, "It's a bit of fear, but it's mostly anger at this point.  We're sick of it."

Now this tight-knit part of town is facing a reality they thought they would never have to.

He says, "Shoot a man's dog to steal a television, or whatever, they're going to start shooting us next.  Time to get out of this city apparently."

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