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Entergy to continue explosions

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VICKSBURG, (WLBT)- Entergy's Customer Service Manager, Don Arnold, Quips, says, "The sound you hear is not the return of the union army."

He's talking about the sonic booms many Vicksburg area residents heard.

The power company is actually rebuilding a transmission line that stretches from Vicksburg to Clinton, providing power to some 12-thousand customers.

Workers set off implosions to seal connectors which creates a sound equivalent           

to that of a 12-gauge shotgun blast.

Shannon Watts, Senior Engineer, says, "It has not bothered any of the residents around here because they've all known about it in the media. I've notified residents door to door, so we've taken care of that issue and I have notified 9-11 before we shoot 'em."

Entergy officials say to expect about 20 implosions over the next few weeks at the Vicksburg switching station near the intersection of Highway 27 and Old Highway 27.

There will be six more at the waterways substation located at the intersection of Wisconsin Avenue and Bazinsky road.

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