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Mississippi named worst place for certain tornadoes

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT)- The most recent tornadoes in Mississippi caused the National Weather Service to do some research on the tornado threat.  What they found, is a place known as Dixie Alley. 

Mississippi sits right in the center of Dixie Alley and when you look at E-F 4 or E-F 5 storms, which usually kill people when they run on long tracks of 100 miles or more, Mississippi is the most dangerous place in the country for that type tornado, according to Steve Wilkinson, Meteorologist with the Jackson Office of the National Weather Service.

Wilkinson said, "Mississippi leads the nation by far. In fact since 1950 when we started keeping statistics, on this kind of information, there have been 22 across the nation and 7 of them have been in MS."

Since 1950 there have been more killer storms like these in Mississippi than anywhere else. In fact Smith County is the most dangerous county in the country.

Wilkinson says Smith County is the most likely county in the United States to be hit by a tornado.

The most recent storm in Mississippi hit at 12:02 a.m. January first in Attala County, leveling the house that once sat on this foundation and scattering it into the woods. 

This was a high E-F-2 according to The Weather Service. The Candlestick Park tornado of March 1966 in Jackson, that killed more than 50 people was an F-5.

Wilkinson is a great believer in weather radio. "Every person in Mississippi should have a NOAA Weather Radio", said Wilkinson.

Weather service research identified Dixie Alley, with the highest risk of tornados that are killers in Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Alabama and Georgia.     

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