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When life begins to be decided at polls

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) – Backers of a ballot initiative to determine when life begins say the road to overturning Roe versus Wade will come through Mississippi.

Anti-abortion and anti-cloning supporters held a rally at the State Capitol Tuesday to kick off a campaign to push for passage of the initiative.

A petition to change the state constitution's definition of a person will be up for vote in the November general election.

Personhood Mississippi started the movement that believes human life begins at conception.

Lt. Governor Phil Bryant and Pro-life supporters held a news conference after the petition was presented to the legislature.

"We saw a great injustice and so after years of waiting for the legislative body to do something we finally just took the bull by the horns so to speak and by God's grace we were able to do something that sometimes even we didn't think we'd get done," said Personhood Mississippi founder Les Riley.

The organization gathered more than 130,000 signatures to get the petition placed on the ballot.

According to a statement on the ProChoice Mississippi's web site on the Personhood Initiative, Enacting a law that states life begins at the moment of egg fertilization renders several methods of contraception (such as the modern IUDs) illegal. Oral contraceptives would also face controversy, as many fetal personhood advocates claim that birth control pills are abortifacients despite bountiful medical evidence proving otherwise.

It further states that If a Personhood initiative passes in Mississippi, the will of the courts will trump a pregnant woman's wishes should her doctors or family disagree with her judgment. This is not merely a matter of protecting the legality of abortion. It's a matter of every woman's right to plan her family as she sees fit, give birth under her own terms, preserve the integrity of her body (or even her life), and retain her moral agency.

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