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Ridgeland tax proposal

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By  David Kenney - bio | email

RIDGELAND, MS (WLBT) - Ridgeland city officials are asking state lawmakers to approve a one percent sales tax increase, to entice developers to build more single family homes.

City officials are hoping to make improvements to areas along south Old Canton Road, where there are currently several apartment complexes.

Mayor Gene McGee says he'd like to replace them with single family dwellings as part of the city's master plan.

The tax money would be used to build new sewer lines, pave streets and re-design the area, in hopes a developer will buy the apartments, and build the homes. The city hopes to raise between 40 and 70 million dollars through the tax.

City officials say the apartments have become out-dated, and in need of repair.

Mayor McGee says, "It's very poor living conditions, for our citizens here and very dangerous living conditions. There are violations out there where lines are exposed, raw sewer, buildings are falling down, it just needs to be something done.">

Mayor McGee says the tax could be in place up to eight years, and would be removed after enough money is raised. If approved by the legislature, the tax would also need to be passed by residents through a referendum vote.

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