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New ordinance bans the feeding of any wildlife

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BRANDON, MS (WLBT)- These ducks being fed by people and children at Crossgates Lake prompted the new ordinance banning feeding of any wildlife. It does not include bird feeders. Yvonne Bianchi, Brandon Alderwoman, for this part of the city talked with us about the reasons for the ordinance.

Bianchi said, "I think when they started obstructing the traffic, when the fire truck came down, as you can see when they get out in the street, you have to stop. I don't anybody that would run over a duck".

There were people at Crossgates lake Tuesday and Wednesday who do not agree with the new ordinance banning the feeding of the ducks.

One visitor said, "The children enjoy it, the ducks enjoy it.  They are not doing anything wrong.  It's not hurting anybody.  I am going to keep coming out and feeding the ducks."

Ed Penny, Waterfowl Program Coordinator with the Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks agrees with the ordinance.

Penny said, "The new ordinance in Brandon to curtail feeding of wildlife, is a good idea, because it's never a good idea to feed wildlife. You run into all sorts of risk with disease, conflicts between humans and pets so you know it's a good idea to slow that down.

So if you have been feeding the ducks, anywhere in Brandon you could face a fine of $50 if you don't stop. 

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