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Meth lab laws making big impact

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Drug agents in Mississippi say new laws restricting the purchase of meth precursors are drastically reducing meth lab numbers in the state.

In Hinds and Rankin counties, between July and December of 2009, there were 16 meth lab busts in Hinds County, and 11 in Rankin County.

During those six months in 2010, after the law was passed, there was a great decline, just one meth lab in Hinds County and two in Rankin.

Mississippi Bureau of Narcotics Director Marshall Fisher says there has been a 70% reduction in meth-related cases statewide. Agents continue to fight meth producers who continue to bring pseudoephedrine into the state to cook up the drug. There has also been a drastic reduction in child abuse and neglect cases, which are often connected to meth users.

M.B.N. Director Marshall Fisher says, "We've seen about a 75% reduction in the number of children removed from meth labs and you will know if you talk to social workers, youth court judges, the incidents of abuse of children of meth addicts is off the scale."

With fewer meth labs to bust, drug agents can now focus on major criminal organizations and other drugs.

The latest to surface is bath salts, sold over the counter in convenience stores. It's a powder that can be smoked to produce a high. There's already a bill in the legislature to ban the bath salts statewide.

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