Mans pleads for information in wife's unsolved murder - - Jackson, MS

Mans pleads for information in wife's unsolved murder

By Bert Case - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Linda Vavaris was shot at close range with a shotgun as she was driving her husband's vehicle. She was shot August 7, 2010 and was able to call for help and tell police what happened. She died August 18th. 

The murder case is at a standstill according to police.  Her 41-year-old husband, Emanuel Vavaris, who is a maintenance man at Walmart, called WLBT asking for help in getting some closure in the case.  He is not critical of police, but wants some answers. 

"Trying to get somebody to come forward with some leads so I can get closure on this case. Somebody has got to know something out there. I have never heard of the perfect crime before, surely there is somebody who knows something." 

Vavaris was never able to talk to his wife and get her version of what happened. 

"By the time I got there, she was under. I was unable to say goodbye. ‘Do you have any idea of who might be a suspect?' I wish I did." 

Police openly admit they don't have a suspect and have run out of leads in this case. 

 "We don't have any suspects, so, we haven't been able to get enough information on how the crime was committed, no leads at this point, so we need some help," said Assistant Police Chief Lee Vance.

If you know who shot Linda Vavaris in her driveway last august, contact Jackson police. You could get up to $2,500 for information in this case.  Call Crimestoppers at 355-TIPS.

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