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Tornado victims look for help starting over

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PEARL, MS (WLBT) - A Pearl couple wants help starting over after a tree destroyed their rental New Year's Eve.

A 75 foot tall pine fell onto the house on Childre Road as a tornado moved over the city.

Twenty-seven year old Adrienne Clark and her boyfriend 23-year-old Steve Booth were inside when it happened.

Clark is four months pregnant.

They have no insurance and said they received some help from the American Red Cross and the Good Samaritan Center, but not enough to rebuild their lives.

Clark and Booth said they don't know where to turn, after contacting several agencies that they said offered them no assistance.

They said they had only been living in the triplex about a month when the twister struck.

"The tree fell, and the roof separated. It gave us a two second warning to get out of there when the tree fell and landed on the house. The roof separated about that much, and it just collapsed," said Adrienne Clark while holding her hands about a foot apart.

"We lost everything. We were inside it when it happened and barely made it out with our life and she's pregnant. We just basically lost all of our furniture. We just moved into the place, finally got us a nice little place to live in," said Steve Booth.

Clark and Booth said their landlord had temporarily found them a home, but they are still looking for something permanent.

If you would like to help the couple you can reach them at 601-896-4354.

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