Winter weather wrecks - - Jackson, MS

Winter weather wrecks

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By Jewell Hillery – bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - The aftermath of the winter ice storm has caused a mess on roads and resulted in dozens of wrecks across the Jackson metro area.

Everything was going smooth for Larry Baylot until his black Ford, which is now a wreck, hit a patch of ice and then ran into this SUV on the I-220 junction.

Baylot says, "I nailed the side of his car and went off that and hit the side of the bridge."

Baylot hit Derrell Tillman's truck, which is also damaged. Just before the vehicles collided, Tillman said his truck spun out of control as well.

"You know you try to slow down a little bit and it just went spinning out of control and the car behind you went spinning out of control and one thing leads to another," says Tillman.

Prior to Baylot and Tillman's accident, a Honda also slid off the bridge and into a ditch.

Police say the accidents on highways have been ongoing and a sign off I-220 is now on the ground after a car knocked it over during this winter storm.   

 With ice forming on just about everything from police cars to license plates, safety experts caution you to slow down.

MDOT Spokeswoman Carrie Adams says, "Drivers should drive with extreme caution when traveling over bridges and over passes and secondary roads not traveled as heavily."

I-20 had its share of wrecks, too. LaToya Stevens was traveling eastbound when her car slid on the bridge between Clinton and Highway 18.

"As soon as I came off the bridge -- slid coming face forward towards this way, ended up turning and right here now."

Tillman has this advice for motorists, "Drive slow, slow down, drive slow."

"Even if the rest of the roads seem fine, watch out for the overpasses because that's what got me," says Baylot.

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