Animal cruelty bill introduced in state legislature - - Jackson, MS

Animal cruelty bill introduced in state legislature

JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - For the second year in a row, animal rights activists try to push a felony animal cruelty bill through the state legislature.

Senate Bill 2127 is very similar to the bill that passed the Senate but died in a House committee in 2010.

The law would create tougher penalties for people who harm cats and dogs.

Farming, hunting and defense of people or property would be acceptable, if the law is passed.

Law enforcement agencies like the Rankin and Hinds Co. Sheriff's Dept. stand behind the bill.

Studies indicate people who harm animals could be capable of other violent crimes.

"The difference we think we have this year, we have worked all year to educate the public on the need for the bill, so we have even stronger public support than we had last year, we had very strong public support last year but that's just grown over last year," said Marlo Kirkpatrick, Miss. Fighting Animal Cruelty Together.

The Farm Bureau has openly opposed similar bills in past years.

They say passing the law could have drastic effects, because it could lead activists to push for more extreme agendas dealing with the treatment of animals.

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