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Child freezes tongue to pole

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WOODWARD, OK (NBC) - A Woodward, Oklahoma boy is recovering after freezing his tongue to a stop sign pole before school Tuesday morning.

It played out almost exactly like the scene from "A Christmas Story."

"The first thing that come to my mind was the movie 'A Christmas Story' where the kid got dared to stick his tongue to the pole," responding Woodward firefighter Shane Pringry said.

It was about 7:30 a.m. Tuesday when emergency crews got that call and quickly responded.

"He was up on his tippy-toes. Not just a little bit of his tongue was stuck to the pole," Pringry said. "He had a large portion of his tongue frozen to the pole."

They say the boy's older brother dared him to do it as they waited for the school bus, and the little guy followed through with the challenge.

"I just heard a kid screaming, but I just figured they were kids goofing off," neighbor Joellen Powell said. "It woke me up."

"It took us about a minute of slowly pouring the water over his tongue, and we kind of gently massaged his tongue, and then it finally came off," Pringry said. "I hope all the kids that are out there watching this don't decide to try something like that any time soon or ever."

The little boy was transported to the hospital.

He did lose a little skin on his tongue but was talking almost immediately after he was freed from the pole.

The boy and his family were admittedly a little too embarrassed to talk about it.
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