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City of Jackson moving offices to Metrocenter

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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) -  The vacant Belk department store at Metrocenter will soon be the home to six city departments.  


It's all part of an effort to boost economic development and tax revenues in the Highway 80 area.


Three city departments will move from the Jackson Medical Mall.


The departments include: Water and Sewer, Parks and Recreation and the Department of Human Services.


Police Precinct 2, Dept. of Personnel and the PEG Network will move from the Atmos Building to Metrocenter.


"Were actually helping ourselves moving into this facility," says Mayor Harvey Johnson. "There will be more sales tax because of the food court and other venders. They will realize the benefit of having 200 to 300 additional people there everyday, it's a great benefit to the taxpayers of Jackson," said Mayor Johnson.


Nearly 300 city employees will be involved in the move.


Although their rent will increase by $87,000.00 annually; in the end, the city says by putting their offices under one roof, they'll actually save taxpayers money.


"It's going to save us some money were paying next utilities at medical mall and also Atmos building were going to be able to consolidate the offices in those two locations and get more space and save money at the same time," said Mayor Johnson.


The city did a similar move nearly 15 years ago to boost growth in the Medical Mall, which turned out to be a success.


They're hoping to spur growth at Metrocenter Mall and along the entire Highway 80 corridor this time.


The move will happen sometime mid-summer.


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