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Allegations of abuse at Hattiesburg juvenile facility: Part 2

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By Katina Rankin - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - More videotapes have emerged from the Forrest County Juvenile Detention Center in Hattiesburg. Another parent has come forward with her child claiming abuse at the facility. 

"A couple of days before Christmas I went to see (her son). They told me I couldn't.  He had been showing out. So, I went back a couple of days after that. They let me see him. I noticed that his lip was busted. He got to showing me all the scars on his arm, all the scars on his back." 

The detainee is now 19 years old and says he was in the detention center two years ago for failing a drug test. He says the alleged abuse began after he was hitting on a door to get out of his cell because he wanted to watch TV. He says because of the noise he was making, he was beaten repeatedly. 

"He took me, took my shirt and slang me against the dryer, throwing me up against the dryer. Kick me, threw me on the floor, stomped me. He hit me with his elbows, kept on hitting me with his elbow.  I was asking please get up off me, can you please get up off me." 

His mother says she immediately went to the guard and was told, "If you had your child at home with you, you'd know what was going on with him." ‘Are you a good parent?' "I'm an excellent parent." 

‘Are you admitting that you made the officer angry?' "I made him very angry," said the teen. "He was talking ‘bout my momma and I was talking ‘bout his momma." 

His mother said, "The punishment is being there. Why do they have to endure more punishment?" 

WLBT has learned this jailer has been fired from the juvenile detention center. But that's not enough, according to this teen and his mother.

"I want to see justice. I want to see him put away and it not happen to someone else," said the alleged victim. 

According to the mother, "During this time, I had investigators and everything come to my house from the Forrest County Sheriff's Department. Their investigator came to my house and told me he would be prosecuted. I have yet to hear from them. I want him prosecuted to the max." 

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