Democrats try to stop repeal of Affordable Care Act - - Jackson, MS

Democrats try to stop repeal of Affordable Care Act

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By Ashley Conroy

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) -- Volunteers at the Democratic headquarters in Jackson called Mississippians all over the state on Tuesday.

A grassroots group called "Organize for America" wanted their supporters to contact their congressman urging them to vote against the repeal of the Affordable Care Act.

"There are a lot of constituents here in the districts that support health care reform," said State Director of Organize for America, Roosevelt Daniels." "We want to make sure that we have a representative democracy by them voicing their opinions."

Rankin Co. Democratic Chairman, James Parker was volunteering in this grassroots initiative.

He said he thought they were making progress. "I talked to a nurse just a while ago, and she has a preexisting condition herself and that this has been helping her already."

However, Republicans say it isn't helping America's pocket book.

Congressman Gregg Harper issued this statement: 

"The so-called "Affordable Care Act" is nothing short of politics above economics. I support the immediate repeal of this law that spends $1.05 trillion, raises taxes $569 billion, and reduces Medicare benefits $523 billion. Republicans will work to replace this law with reforms focusing on decreasing costs and protecting middle-class jobs."

Democrats say with around 46 million Americans without health insurance Americans can't afford to repeal this legislation.

"And we cannot allow that to happen cause this is going to add billions of dollars of deficits to our budgets," Daniels said.

Meantime, the Congressional Budget Office says if the act is repealed it could increase the deficit by $230 billion over the next decade.

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