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Mississippi Department of Education reveals Code of Ethics

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 JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Keeping appropriate relationships between teachers and students was one of the reasons for a proposed code of ethics for educators.  The draft was unveiled by the Mississippi Department of Education Thursday.

"We developed a list of standards that we think would benefit teachers and educators in the state," said Dr. Daphne Buckley, the Mississippi Department of Education Deputy Superintendent.

There were ten standards which include drug, alcohol and tobacco use, maintenance confidentiality and educator/student relationships.

"We have seen a rise in certain incidents in school districts involving educators and students," said Dr. Buckley. "That is one reason because we want to ensure the environment that our students are part of that it's a wonderful learning environment."

The code of ethics was written to go hand in hand with proposed legislation.  If passed it would require local superintendents to report unethical behavior between students and teachers.  It would also allow the Department of Education to revoke or suspend the license of educators who engage in sexual misconduct.

"We just believe that a code of ethics for professional behavior is in order.  That is something we believe our teachers will appreciate and its just standard behavior," said Dr. Buckley.

The Board of Education will vote Friday to approve the release of the Code of Ethics for public comment.

The entire draft of the Code of Ethics can be found here http://www.mde.k12.ms.us/Extrel/news/2011/11CodeofEthics.html

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