First project to restore waterfowl habitat since oil underway - - Jackson, MS

First project to restore waterfowl habitat since oil spill is underway

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ISSAQUENA COUNTY, MS (WLBT) - The first project aimed at restoring waterfowl habitat since the Gulf Oil Spill is underway in the Mississippi Delta.

It is located northwest of Cary, Mississippi in Issaquena County on the Howard Miller Wildlife Management area.

BP is paying to restore waterfowl habitat, like this in Issaquena County. They hope the birds headed back to the oil-ravaged coast will settle here instead. They're pump water from wells so the habitat can be flooded and made attractive to birds flying down the Mississippi River Flyway.

"What we are trying to do is stop them. Obviously that's a hard thing to do. We may not be successful, but the other option is to do nothing. And what we are doing is trying to make better habitat for the birds," said Water fowl biologist, Ed Penney.

The project is under the jurisdiction of the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality.

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