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Walmart settlement check still missing

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) -  In a follow up to a January 13th, Three On Your Side investigation, attorney Delano Funches says Walmart contacted him 24 hours after our story aired, but the plaintiff, Clotee Lewis is still waiting for her settlement check. 

Lewis said, "Right after the piece aired, I had a call from one of Mr. Funches' assistants who kind of went over the case with me explaining exactly what was going on with the case." 

What Clotee Lewis discovered was her case is one of several wage and hour suits filed against Walmart in the state of Mississippi. 

She said, "The main thing that I was concerned about, there had not been any communication between his office and me as a plaintiff and I'm assuming others, too." 

And Lewis said that communication from Funches' office also convinced her it is Walmart holding up her 750-dollar check and not Funches. 

"Like we're still getting the runaround; just being put off." Lewis said. 

She has good reason to feel that way. When Three On Your Side contacted the law office of Walmart attorney Sidney Dunnigan, January 13th, a woman who would only identify herself as "Cheryl" answered; advising us Dunnigan was out of town for a couple of weeks. When Lewis and other plaintiffs dialed the same number after our story aired, they heard a recording advising the number had been disconnected.

 Lewis said, "Now, Rust Consulting Firm, I did contact them and I was able to talk to their representative from their firm and I was told that this particular case that I'm a plaintiff in now,  that they're not handling that case.." 

So, for now, Clotee Lewis and other plaintiffs in this wage and hour case will have to wait and plan the next move. 

Lewis said, "I just want to thank WLBT and thank you personally for investigating this matter for me and for the other plaintiffs." 

Lewis says she will give it a couple of months before she takes further action. 

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