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Attorney General to prosecute Copiah Co. capital murder case

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By Cheryl Lasseter - bio | email | twitter

HAZLEHURST, Miss. (WLBT) - Bond is denied for David Dickerson, 41, who faces a capital murder charge in Copiah County.

Authorities say on Tuesday morning, Dickerson went to the camper home of Paula Hamilton, 36, the mother of his 15 year old daughter.

They say Dickerson shot and stabbed Hamilton, and set the camper on fire.

A family member says after the murder, Hamilton pointed a gun at Dickerson, until he pointed his weapon to the head of his own daughter.

"I was scared he was gonna shoot the baby," the family member said. "He had the gun right here on her head."

Dickerson is not a first-time offender.

"He's been under restraining order before, more than one time here I'm sure, especially in this case he's been arrested for. (Hamilton and Dickerson) were supposed to be in court yesterday to resolve that case when all of this happened," Copiah County Sheriff Harold Jones said.

In Lincoln County, Nolan Vinzant says eerily, Dickerson stalked members of his family several years ago.

"He started stalking the whole family. Calling them, writing them threatening letters," Vinzant said. "He even wrote my wife, just because she was old didn't mean he wouldn't kill her too."

Vinzant believes those letters are probably still held in evidence, because in December 2007 his wife's son-in-Law, James Smith, was found shot to death.

Vinzant believes it was a culmination of all the stalking.

Dickerson was arrested for the murder, but never convicted due to lack of evidence.

It's still considered an open case.

"Everyone in Copiah County knows his history," Vinzant said. "It's just amazing he was out there Saturday night at that trailer with a gun to his daughter's head."

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