Residents claim pit bull killed dog inside home - - Jackson, MS

Residents claim pit bull killed dog inside home

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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - Residents of a south Jackson trailer park are claiming that a pit bull forced its way into their home and killed their small dog.

They also say the dog terrorized two children who locked themselves in the bathroom for protection.

It happened Tuesday afternoon at the Mart 51 Trailer Park on Linde Road.

That's off Terry Road between Highway 80 and Interstate 20.

Frank Scott, 50, called police to the Mart 51 Trailer Park, where he lives.

Scott told us he saw some people beating a pit bull dog with a broom.

Shane Azlin, 36, told us the pit bull went crazy inside the trailer where he lives with his sister and her children, ages 14 and 15.

Officer Colendula Green, Jackson Police Spokeswoman, said police are still investigating the incident and are not exactly sure what happened.

The owner of the pit bull is Scott Landry, 42, who bought it for his 14 year old son, says there is no way his dog did what it is accused of doing.

There was another dog, looking like a Rotweiller German-Shepard mix, chained to a tree, behind Landry's trailer, which Landry said belonged to his mother in law.

Landry said somebody loosened this collar to let the pit bull loose on purpose.

He says the dog is white and would have been bloody all over if it had done what it was accused of doing and it only had a little blood on it's nose.

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