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What is Sudden Cardiac Arrest

What is Sudden Cardiac Arrest

This message brought to you by Dr. Eric Zoog, Baptist Emergency Services

 One thousand Americans die each day from sudden cardiac arrest.

People often confuse cardiac arrest with a heart attack. While cardiac arrest can follow a heart attack, these two heart problems are significantly different.

With most sudden cardiac arrest, the heart's electrical system malfunctions producing an abnormal heart rhythm. When the heart's rhythm is disrupted in this manner, the heart stops and a  heartbeat needs to be restored within just minutes.

In a cardiac arrest, the person is unconscious, not breathing or they might gasp for air. Do not drive these people to the hospital. Quickly start chest compressions known as we teach in our CCR course, retrieve an automated external defibrillator if available. Then, call 911.

Baptist's Cardiac Arrest Center begins in the field. Your hands are their heart.

For CCR instructions, visit www.mbhs.org.

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