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What Baptist Does For Cardiac Arrest

What Baptist Does For Cardiac Arrest

This message brought to you by Dr. Eric Zoog, Baptist Emergency Services

People experience cardiac arrest when their heart beat stops. At Baptist, our Cardiac Arrest Center has a team of board certified physician specialists working together to improve outcomes for cardiac arrest patients.

Our center was first in Mississippi to offer therapeutic hypothermia. This therapy cools the body's core temperature to 89 degrees. We are the only hospital in the area to use a special chilled IV catheter to cool the body; the most accurate way to measure and maintain core body temperature. This therapy nearly triples the rate of survival after cardiac arrest and minimizes or eliminates the brain damage that can occur in these patients.

Therapeutic hypothermia is the most significant advancement for saving cardiac arrest patients in 30 years.

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To learn more, visit www.mbhs.org.

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