Green Party pushes for net metering law - - Jackson, MS

Green Party pushes for net metering law

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - You may have heard of the Tea Party. Well there is also a Green Party in Mississippi. Some members were at the State Capitol Thursday hoping to convince lawmakers to help Mississippians lower their utility bills. 

Six bills have been introduced in the legislature pushing for net metering. It's a way for homeowners to use renewable sources of energy to cut their electric bills.

Supporters say it's a way to produce cheaper energy and preserve natural resources.

"It's a really simple idea. Net metering. It means that for one dollar of electricity that you produce from your solar panels we value is the same as one dollar of electricity coming through the powerline. And this idea is catching on around the country," according to Luke Lunkemo, owner of Rainbow Coop in Jackson.

The idea is for utility companies to reduce your bill by the amount of power you generate.

The Green Party says Mississippi is far behind other states. Its one of only 3 states remaining without a net metering policy.

Lawmakers have snubbed this issue for years, with measures never even getting out of committee.

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