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Legislation proposed to support Midwifery practices

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - The practice of "Midwifery" has been around for centuries, and here in Mississippi supporters want to get legislation passed to certify the profession.

The House Public Health and Human Services Committee passed House Bill 207 during a subcommittee meeting.

Rep. Omeria Scott (D-Laurel) says it would strengthen the laws and practices surrounding midwifery in Mississippi.

"We had a group of women that came to the capitol and they were concerned about having a certification for people with midwifery skills," Scott said.

Traditionally, midwives provide services for pregnant women in their home.

Often, the practice is associated with mothers who choose to not to birth their child in a hospital setting.

Mother-to-be, Rubi Kalil supports this legislation and says she chose to have a midwife to help comfort her during pregnancy.

"She spends an hour and a half probably two hours at my home and I have ample opportunity to ask her all kinds of questions. It's just a more personalized care," Kalil said.

Mississippi Friends of Midwives is the organization supporting this bill. Charis Delatte sits on the board of directors and says offering legislation to strengthen the laws protects the midwife and the mother-to-be.

"Women and families in Mississippi have birthing options. Some women choose to go straight into the hospital and get that epidural. But other women want a different experience and midwifery can offer that."

The practice is currently legal and certifiable in 26 states, but banned in nine states.

In Mississippi, it is legal but there is no laws to certify it as a profession.

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