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Workday shattered by murder-suicide in Ridgeland

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RIDGELAND, MS (WLBT) - Around 11:30 Friday morning, the peaceful workday on Northpark Drive in Ridgeland was shattered by three gunshots.

"I heard two fast gunshots, bang bang, a little hesitation, then the third gunshot. I was in the parking lot," says Alice Smith, who works at a real estate office nearby.

"I heard two shots. I didn't hear the third one. I looked out my window. I heard somebody scream," says Donna Nigro, who works in the same real estate office.

Ridgeland Police blanketed the scene. "Once we arrived here, we found two individuals lying outside the (Exam 1) business. They had been identified as an estranged husband and wife out of Pearl Mississippi," says Ridgeland Police Lieutenant John Neal. 

The deceased couple has been identified as Billy and Stefanie Willard. They did not live together at the time of the shooting.

"He and his wife had been going through some troubling times, they had split. He arrived here to confront her today."

Fifty-two-year old Billy Willard arrived at Stefanie's workplace, Exam 1, where she worked as an office manager. As she walked outside to meet him, he shot her multiple times in the chest and torso area with a high-caliber weapon. He then fatally shot himself.

Stefanie Willard died at UMC.

Police learned through witnesses that Billy had never shown up to the workplace and caused trouble before.  Checks will be made with Pearl Police to find out if the couple had a history of domestic violence calls.

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