Black caucus holds hearing on Civil Rights Museum location - - Jackson, MS

Black caucus holds hearing on Civil Rights Museum location

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JACKSON, Miss. (WLBT) - A Legislative Black Caucus hearing launches more debate on the location of a Civil Rights Museum in the state.

Governor Haley Barbour's recommendation, that the Civil Rights Museum be located in downtown Jackson, prompted the hearing.

Three sites were discussed.

They include Leflore County, where Emmett Till, 14, was kidnapped and murdered, launching the Civil Rights Movement.

Tougaloo College was also discussed.

It is the location initially chosen by the governor's site selection commission.

The third site is in downtown Jackson near the Mississippi Department of Archives and History, a location recently proposed by the governor.

But many who spoke before the committee urged decision makers to act one accord to secure funding.

"We were selected fairly but the main thing is that Mississippi needs a Civil Rights Museum, and I want to appeal to all of my friends and colleagues to let's not get detracted and lose the opportunity to have an edifice in this state," said Tougaloo College President Dr. Beverly Hogan.

"This committee will make a report to the full caucus and hopefully the caucus will decide which site that we're going to stand behind," said Rep. Willie Perkins, Co-chair of the Issue Committee of the Mississippi Legislative Black Caucus.

The committee will present a report to the full caucus and a location recommendation is expected in the coming weeks.

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