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Groups looks to buy vintage musical instruments

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - If you have an old guitar stashed away somewhere in your home, not being used, you may want to turn it into cash. A company which sells to collectors from around the world is in Jackson for the next several days hoping to find rare instruments. 

They are particularly looking for vintage instruments made by such manufacturers as Gibson, Martin or Gretsch, but there are many others.   

Kirby Carpenter, who has been playing since he was 8-years-old, from just outside of Ripley in north Mississippi, is the field manager for THR Associates, which is buying the instruments. 

"A lot of those old guitars have value. Some of them have really high value and what we are doing is we are seeking those old guitars and we are paying right on the spot for those guitars, giving top dollar." Carpenter said. "Not only that, we are looking for old amplifiers, old guitars, new guitars, old horns, saxes, any of those instruments, anything you can make music with, we are looking at and we are paying right on the spot for it." 

1961 guitars like a Gibson Les Paul model have sold for as much as $100,000. Carpenter says guitar collectors from all over the world are paying more money than ever for vintage guitars of all types.  

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