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Skycopter 3 helps catch a violator

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 JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - The driver apparently thought he was going to get away from the scene of an accident without paying the consequences. But 46-year-old Patrick Bernard Myers of Heidelberg could not escape the bird's eye view of Skycopter 3. Now, Myers is under arrest for a variety of violations. 

Skycopter Three reporter Mary Wieden was filing her traffic report in the 5pm newscast when she spotted a rear-end collision on interstate 20 eastbound. But the incident quickly escalated from routine when this happened: 

"Somebody who was in the sport utility vehicle got out, single male, and started walking along I-20, and there he is," Wieden reported.

Three on Your Side not only watched events unfold on newsroom monitors, but assistant news director Wilson Stribling alerted both Jackson and Richland police...keeping them posted on the location of 46-year-old Patrick Bernard Myers. 

Stribling said, "We don't have a ground crew, we have a helicopter." 

Myers walked along I-20 westbound, apparently talking on a cell phone, until he hitched a ride in a silver Cadillac on State Street. The pair continued on I-20 westbound, exiting at Terry Road. After a stop at a convenience store, the silver Caddy pulled into the Deluxe Motel and backed into a parking space. 

Perhaps to the pair's surprise, both Jackson and Richland police showed up minutes later. Myers was promptly arrested and charged with leaving the scene, driving with a suspended license, no proof of insurance and resisting arrest. The crash backed up interstate traffic but no one was injured. 

No charges were filed against the driver of the Cadillac and his identity was not released. 


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