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Stolen bronze horse found

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The 600-pound bronze horse was stolen in late December near Flora has been found. It was tossed in a ditch just east of Gluckstadt in Madison County. 

The horse named Velvet, and it's twin, Shadow, were on display in front of the Andover Subdivision, which features three to six acre lots that horse owners love. The $2,000 horse had been brought from Italy. 

Sheriff Toby Trowbridge of Madison County first told WLBT about the missing horse. 

"Thanks to you and 3 On Your Side, it worked again just like it did with the plaques out at the fire station, we know it wasn't there Saturday, you aired it Monday night, and here we found it within 24 to 30 hours later, I believe they dumped it. When they found out that it hit the airwaves, I believe they threw it out." 

John Arthur Eaves, Jr. was thrilled to get the horse back and hired a wrecker from Hayles Towing to get it back where it belongs. 

"We are so thankful for WLBT 3 on our side, and we believe that there is no question that that is what brought our horse back." ‘So you think somebody saw the story and said I'm gonna get rid of that horse.' "I believe that is exactly what happened. And so we are glad we can reunite Velvet and Shadow in time for Valentine's Day." 

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