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Stuck on the Stack

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 JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - The icy conditions proved hazardous for motorists across the Magnolia State.  The fly-over bridge on Highway 49 to Interstate 20 westbound toward the stack and Interstate 20 westbound in Hinds County has been closed for several hours.  Motorists were stranded on the roadways.

"I mean hundreds.  It's backed up.  I can see in my rear view mirror.  There's no end to them," said Donna McDavid of Florence.

Vehicles were lined up bumper to bumper at a standstill for hours.

"You might move an inch, stop for 20 minutes move and do the same thing," said Lisa Nutt of Morton.

"I got on onto the stack about 4:00 p.m. and have been here even since.  I may have moved a tenth of a mile," said Rodney Cuevas of Brandon.

He was trying to get home to Brandon from downtown Jackson.  It is a drive that typically takes 15 minutes.

"Kind of hungry, had a late lunch.  Thank goodness, but kind of hungry and looking at a quarter tank of gas," said Cuevas.

Running out of gas was a real concern because cars are supplying heat.  For some, being without food can be just as threatening.  Lisa Nutt is a diabetic.  She said, "My blood sugar did drop just a little while ago.  I did have something I could take to help that, but if this goes on many more hours I might have a problem.  Is this pretty scary for you?  Ya, it is."

We received reports of people walking around, even having to relieve themselves in the bitter cold.

"It's like an ice skating people are sliding so they stayed in their cars more.  The girl ahead of me apparently her car died so the nice people jumped her off got her going again," said Donna McDavid of Florence.

McDavid was able to slide her way onto I-20 west bound.  She began moving, but that brought dangers of its own.

"He slid, he did a 180," said McDavid of a truck ahead of her. "He's trying to straighten back up. If you barely put your gas on it is crazy."

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