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Icy conditions improve through morning commute

By  David Kenney - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) -    At daybreak, interstate traffic began to pick up, motorists gaining more speed and confidence crossing bridges, but the icy conditions were still there.

In the capitol, city officials weren't taking any chances. The bridge at Capitol Street over the railroad tracks was closed to traffic early. Officers also blocked the entrances to I-220 there, where some people's vehicles were abandoned from the night before.

"Our crews are working, we want to make sure we deice the highways," said MDOT Spokesperson Carrie Adams.

The S.I. Spann bridge on Bailey avenue was also closed for much of the morning, despite the fact it had been covered in sand, it was still too slippery to drive on.

In Madison County one motorist had trouble navigating the bridge on Old Canton Road near tidewater lane. He lost control on the ice, hit the curb and flipped. He escaped without injuries, but his van was not so lucky.

The Pearl Street bridge over Jefferson Street was closed throughout much of the day, despite the fact crews had spread sand over the roadway.

As Friday evening approached, concern grew among local and state transportation officials that dropping temperatures could re-freeze precipitation already on the roadways, creating another round of headaches, and widespread fender benders.

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