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Caution urged on slick hills in Vicksburg, Warren County

VICKSBURG, MS (WLBT) - The City of Vicksburg government shut down Friday, but road crews stuck around to apply more sand to the slick roadways.

Because of all the hills and brick roads, driving in the River City during an ice storm requires extra caution. Police officers worked 12 accidents after midnight, with no serious injuries.

Police Chief Walter Armstrong says motorists need to keep it slow. "If you're gonna be crossing a bridge, you want to make sure when you go across you are not accelerating or not using your brakes. You want to coast across the bridge," he says.

Power outages posed no big problem in Vicksburg during Thursday's storm.

Warren County road crews ask motorists to avoid the steep hills if possible, because they're dangerous in wintry conditions.

Thursday night, deputies worked three accidents on the icy county roads, and about a dozen on state highways. Light rain is expected to continue, and crews will be on alert Friday night.

"We have twice the deputies we normally have out, the county road crews have all their sand trucks ready to go. We've been in contact with the road maintenance crews," says Sheriff martin Pace.

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