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Gulfport street may soon honor MS Rep. Frances Fredericks

By Danielle Thomas – bio | email

GULFPORT, MS (WLOX) - Gulfport is expected to pass a resolution on Tuesday recognizing the life and work of a long time a state representative. As Representative Frances Fredericks prepares to retire from office, at least one council member would like the city to take the honor a step further. Ward one's Kenneth Casey is proposing Gulfport rename a section of 34th Avenue as Frances Fredericks Boulevard.

Greater Mount Rest Baptist Church is on 34th Avenue. The church likes to thank people who dedicate themselves to helping others. The congregation held a banquet last year in honor of several community leaders including Fredericks.

The pastor's wife, Marlene Miskell said, "She's a great avid leader in the community. She does a lot for the community."

If Councilman Kenneth Casey has his way, drivers along 34th Avenue will soon see street signs that read "Frances Fredericks Boulevard." He said it would be a fitting tribute to Fredericks' 20 years in office. It's a position she ran for in 1990 following the sudden death of her husband Isaiah.

"When her husband passed, she didn't have to take up where he left off," said Casey. "But she figured in order to help the people of District 119, it was destined for her to do that. To carry the legacy of her husband. "

Casey wants to make the mile and half stretch from 28th Street to Cardinal Drive be part of the legacy of Frances Fredericks.

"She always was a die hard state representative and was concerned about her community," said Casey. "She's active in the civic organizations. She's not like some of these politicians. They get in office, and that's all they want to do is get in office. Then they go hide out."

Greater Mount Rest members said they don't mind changing the address on the church stationary, and they'd be happy to see Mrs. Fredericks honored during her lifetime.

Miskell said, "I think that would be wonderful. It would great because she deserves it. It's good to give people their flowers while they're here. "

If a section of 34th Avenue is renamed for Representative Frances Fredericks it won't be the first time she has received this type of honor. The senior citizens center in Gulfport bares her name.

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