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Car, identity theft ring arrests

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By  David Kenney - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Police in Flowood have made three arrests in a car burglary and identity theft ring.  


WLBT'S Most Wanted segment helped in making one of the arrests according to detectives on the front line.

The three arrested are 27-Year-Old Nakeisha Taylor, 28-Year-Old Lamitra Frazier, and 26-Year-Old Jermaine White. Flowood detectives say the three were stealing valuables out of cars in Flowood, Ridgeland and Pearl.

Investigators say in some cases they took purses, and credit cards, which they used to purchase items at stores in Jackson.

WLBT obtained surveillance video of the purchases the car burglary suspects made with stolen credit cards at the Highway 18 Walmart in Jackson. We ran this video in a Most Wanted segment, for a identity theft case from Ridgeland, last Wednesday.

Detectives from Flowood recognized the group in the video, and began working with other law enforcement, to eventually identify them, and put them under arrest.

Chief Johnny DeWitt says, "Their main deal was things for identity theft, there were debit cards, credit cards anything they could turn into the crime of identity theft and they would use these cards pretty rapidly whether it be convenience stores retails or what have you that was their main deal."

Police are still looking for one more person involved in this burglary ring. He has been identified as 26-Year-Old Marcus Smith.

Anyone with information on his whereabouts is asked to call Flowood Police at 601-932-5401.

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