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Taking Back Our Neighborhoods - 1161 Primrose Street

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By Howard Ballou  - bio | email | twitter

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - 3 On Your Side first investigated a south Jackson resident's complaint about his backyard two weeks ago.

Every time there is a heavy rain, 1161 Primrose Street becomes a virtual lake and the problem stems from a drainage pipe owned by the city.

In this Taking Back Our Neighborhoods report, we checked back with Isaac Holloway to see if anything has been done about it. 

The water has receded since 3 On Your Side first checked out Isaac Holloway's backyard Jan. 25th, but the ground is still moist and Holloway knows it's just a matter of time before the flooding happens again. 

We asked if Holloway received any response from the city.

"Yes, I did. Initially, the next day, they came out with a supervisor and they looked at the problem that the water and flooding was causing and as of yet, they're still discussing what they need to do about the issue," Holloway said. "Hopefully, I'll have some confirmation and we can get this problem resolved." 

The problem is with this drainage pipe that cuts through the middle of Holloway's yard and into his neighbor's yard, eventually dumping into a drainage ditch.

Jackson's Director of Communications, Chris Mims initially told me city workers had tried to do the necessary excavation work but Holloway's neighbor refused to allow them on his property. 

"And I agreed with him about that issue," Holloway said. "You can't just put rocks in somebody's back yard and it's making the issue worse, because now we have animals back here. We have snakes." 

So, for now, it's wait and see for Isaac Holloway and his neighbors as city officials try and come up with a way to resolve the issue, but Holloway says he is encouraged. 

"I hope it can be resolved and I definitely feel more confident and I'd like to thank y'all for helping." Holloway said. 

3 On Your Side called Chris Mims, again, for an update on the situation at 1161 Primrose Street.

Mims said he would check into it and get back with me.

WLBT will let you know what he found out as soon as he gets back in touch with me. 

Let us know how we can help you take back your neighborhood.

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