NAACP 2011 legislative agenda - - Jackson, MS

NAACP 2011 legislative agenda

By  Brandon Artiles - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - The Mississippi NAACP laid out its legislative ideas for 2011 Tuesday morning at the state Capitol.  T

he civil rights organization held their annual media conference in which the state chapter's president, Derrick Johnson, highlighted four issues.     

Amongst the issues Johnson would like lawmakers to address was a proposal to put a limit on fees payday lenders can charge.

Johnson also asked that re-districting process is conducted fairly and in the best interests of Mississippians.

Johnson even took on a pending immigration law.

"Mississippi has a very negative history when it comes to race relations," Johnson said. "We should not repeat that history by establishing legislation that would mirror the legislation in Arizona and establish a benchmark for racial profiling."    

The NAACP also asked that both the Senate and House fully fund education despite fiscal uncertainty.

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