PETA demonstrators get "nearly nekkid" in downtown Jackson - - Jackson, MS

PETA demonstrators get "nearly nekkid" in downtown Jackson

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Despite today's chilly temperatures, things got a little heated in downtown Jackson. And anyone walking near the intersection of President and Capital Streets definitely got an eyeful.

A couple, wearing nothing but underwear, were making out on a make-shift bed in front of a banner that read "Vegans Make Better Lovers".

Vegan body builder and author Robert Cheeke and Debra Simpson braved the cold weather to promote the vegan lifestyle. But police stepped in and arrested them for indecent exposure and not having a permit.

"We explained everything that would be happening today and we were told we did not need a permit. Everything is covered. What exactly is indecent that is being shown here?" asked PETA Corporate Affairs Coordinator Kristina Addington.

Members of the animal rights organization PETA were also there handing out condoms bearing the same message.

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