State, city officials prepare roads for winter weather - - Jackson, MS

State, city officials prepare roads for winter weather

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By  David Kenney - bio | email

Winter weather is once again expected to cause travel concerns across central Mississippi.

City and state officials have been working throughout the day to maintain safety on our roadways. 

Both city and state road crews are on standby, ready to work long hours throughout this storm. Their main goal is to keep traffic moving on all interstates and city streets, and to keep those roads safe for travel.

This morning the Mississippi Department of Transportation pre-treated the stack and other area bridges and overpasses with a chemical called calcium chloride. It's a substance that goes on wet, and they allow to dry before winter weather approaches.

They sprayed the bridges before ten the morning with this liquid.

Here's how it works, once it dries it will form a barrier, between the concrete and whatever precipitation lands on it, hopefully limiting icing. They will come back and put sand and salt down on the bridges, to increase traction for motorists.

M.D.O.T. Engineer Mark McConnell says, "Once the snow and ice starts hitting accumulating on bridges we'll l come out with the mixtures of sand and salt and slag in Jackson area we use a mislite which is a clay type material that is not as hard so it wouldn't break the windshield or anything like that."

The city of Jackson has opened several shelters because of the cold weather. Those shelters include Billy Brumfield, and the Gateway Rescue Mission on Gallatin Streets. They also are opening Matt's House on Adelle Street. They are also opening the Opportunity Center on West Amite Street and the Mill Street emergency shelter on Mill street is also open.

Entergy officials aren't expecting any widespread outages in the Jackson metro.  They are keeping 60 linemen on standby to travel to the harder hit areas, if needed.

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