Prostitutes from other states hitting Jackson - - Jackson, MS

Prostitutes from other states hitting Jackson

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) -  Hinds County deputy Henry Glaze let Taja Burks, 22, know what she can expect after her arrest for prostitution Tuesday evening at a gas station across from the state fairgrounds. 

"The process is that you are under arrest; you will be carried to the jail and once you're booked, they'll tell you what your bond is," Glaze said. 

3 On Your Side's camera caught Burks getting out of a her vehicle in the parking lot of a nearby restaurant and into the truck of what she believed to a "John" or sexual customer.

The illicit rendezvous was arranged online at a website called 

"Backpage has replaced Craigslist as the go to place for prostitutes who advertise their services all over the United States," Hinds Co. Sheriff's Dept. Major Nick Clark said.

What Burks didn't know was that her "John" was actually an undercover deputy with the Hinds Co. Sheriff's Department's Street Crimes Unit.

What investigators didn't know, initially, was that Taja Burks was not this alleged call girl's true identity. 

"Her name was Lorraine Luckett. She was 21 years old," Major Clark said. "She's being charged with prostitution and giving false information to a police officer, representing a false ID, lying about her name, age and social security number." 

Also arrested was 38 year old Kevin Williams. 

Williams is charged with pandering prostitution. 

"Pandering prostitution is pimping," Clark said. "He transported her for an illegal purpose and admitted so and that's what he's being charged with."  

Both Luckett and Williams live at the same address in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Major Clark says busting prostitutes in Jackson from other parts of the country is becoming more common. 

"We get them from all over the nation," Major Clark. "We've gotten them from New York, Las Vegas, just the day before, we got someone from Las Vegas. They come out of Houston, Dallas, L.A., Atlanta." 

"I always ask them why did you choose Jackson, Mississippi and universally, the answer is competition," Major Clark continued. "A town the size of Jackson may have from 3-to-10 individuals advertising prostitution on Backpage, whereas, you go to Las Vegas or Los Angeles, they have from 6 to 800 at any one time." 

And says Clark, traffic really picks up when big events like the Dixie National Rodeo are in town. 

"Yeah, unfortunately, they follow the internet, too, and they realize, they've got a lot of extra people in town and being the bloodsuckers that they are, they prey on innocent, unsuspecting people and try to find a way to ply their wares," Clark said.

Narcotics and illegal gun units joined with the street crimes unit of the Hinds Co. Sheriff's Dept. in the prostitution sting operation. 

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