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Snow blankets Yazoo City

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YAZOO CITY, MS (WLBT) - A second round of wintry weather brought snow to the Magnolia State.

Yazoo City was transformed into a picturesque landscape Wednesday.

By 2:00p.m. Wednesday, The National Weather Service reported up to an inch of snowfall on the ground in Yazoo City.

The accumulation of snowflakes and ice slowed traffic and allowed some adults to be kids again.

A snowball fight erupted in the parking lot of Ribeye's Steak and Seafood at the intersection of Highways 49 and 16.

"It's so bad out and we don't have any customers so we thought we'd just get out and entertain ourselves by playing in the snow. We don't get to see it very often," said Restaurant Owner Rob Saxton who threw snowballs with his wife Ashley and business bartender Christina Humphries.

"We're loving this right now. I mean we don't get much snow like this," Christina Humphries said. "We probably got more ice the last time. So it's really nice to get a little bit of snow out here and play around."

Last April, the building was destroyed by a tornado that ripped away the roof.

On this winters day, snow now blankets it.

"It was a real bad time, but we recovered pretty good and actually this brings a little light to it, actually a little enjoyment," Rob Saxton added.

Those living in the area said around 1:30p.m. the snow really began to stick creating a winter wonderland, a rare sight for this delta town.

As the hours passed, the snowy roadways turned to slush and mud.

Lisa Saxton of Yazoo City drove from her job in Ridgeland.

As quickly as the banker could remove the snow that piled on her windshield and window, more fell.

Her ice scraper has gotten quite a workout this winter.

"Yeah a few times lately, last week with the snow and ice and a few times this year," Lisa Saxton said. "We left about 4:00 and it was sleeting when we left, then raining and then snowing."

While still light outside residents captured pictures and recorded memories of the snowfall of February 2011.

By nightfall, snow was still coming down at a steady pace when MDOT snow plows began clearing the mud, ice, and slush on the major thoroughfares.

This winter visit led to the decision to close Yazoo County and Yazoo City schools Thursday.

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