Student fires gun to school - - Jackson, MS

Student fires gun to school

By: Jewell Hillery


Outside of Wingfield high school, parents and loved ones waited anxiously Thursday morning to find out if their children were safe after a gunshot fired off in the school.

Wingfield parent, Tmekkiel says, "my sister she called me and she told me that there was a shooting in the school and I came up here and I saw you all and the police and I want my son out of this school."

The shooting happened just before 8:20 a.m. Jackson police say three male students were in the bathroom when the shot rang out.

"One of the students was playing with the weapon and showing it off and it discharged," says Jackson police officer Colendula Green.

Each student was taken into Jackson public school security custody. The 16 year-old who had the gun was then arrested by Jackson police and taken to police headquarters.

"They really need to do something about this school, they don't have good control like security, so I mean Jackson really needs to do something about Wingfield they need to shut it down or get better security at these schools," says Jacqueline Barnes, the aunt of two Wingfield students.

Classes in the school resumed as normal, but concerned parents took their children home.

Tmekkiel says, "they don't have enough security, the metal detectors they only have one, they can come in through the side and you know bring any kind of weapon in the school.

Wingfield parents say this incident is enough for them to consider transferring their children to another school.



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