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Francis - A shocking case of animal cruelty

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By Marsha Thompson - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Animal lovers are pulling for a puppy called Francis and railing against a shocking case of animal cruelty. The Shelty mix was thrown out with the trash in the sub freezing cold last Friday. The lifeless puppy was in a coma for three days.

At one time this was a perfectly healthy puppy before he got left. Someone tossed Francis out like trash near a dumpster. Nearly dead he endured the bitter cold last week without food or water for days. Lynn Shaw is a volunteer at the no kill shelter, C.A.R.A. "He picked up a box before he thought some dogs would get in it and inside lay this little puppy."

The beautiful puppy was near death when a good Samaritan discovered his frail body in a box of trash and took him to C.A.R.A. In the arms of an angel  he managed to bark for the first time after he came out of the coma. Video is posted on C.A.R.A.'s Facebook page. "And I know we're gonna make it. You are gonna make it." Hundreds of well wishers are following his progress. Francis gets round the clock care. An electric heating pad..IV's for food and water. "He has so many prayers going up for him everyday. God is working some miracles in this little guy," according to Lynn.

 Francis perfectly healthy for his age, yet this puppy is struggling, and may have suffered brain damage from starvation. Lynn told me, "Whatever, he'll be loved regardless." The puppy can't move or walk, but his primary caretaker and best friend is determined to nurse him back to health. Lynn said, "Abuse, cruelty whatever it is, there's got to be a stop."

Francis has become the rallying cry by animal activist to push lawmakers to pass a stronger animal cruelty law in Mississippi. Francis has yet to bark like he did when he was rescued last Friday. Nevertheless no one at C.A.R.A. is giving up on him.

His cruelty case has attracted so much attention C.A.R.A. has agreed to have a get well celebration Saturday February 12. 

The shelter will open from 1-3 Saturday for Francis's visitors.


C.A.R.A.  is located at 960 North Flag Chapel Road in Jackson. 601- 922-7575

Video of his first bark on Facebook:!/CARACares

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