Is City of Jackson responsible for sewage in homeowner's bathroo - - Jackson, MS

Is City of Jackson responsible for sewage in homeowner's bathroom

By Cheryl Lasseter - bio | email

JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - Two years ago we talked to Trennie Curry about this filthy sewage back up in his bathroom and hallway. Others along Shady Lane Drive had the same problem, including the Owens family across the street.

They suspected it was due to the city cleaning out a sewage line on the street.

"They even admitted they were cleaning the line," said one homeowner.

At that time, Curry says the city sent out certified letters saying the city was not responsible. Homeowners reluctantly cleaned up themselves. This week, Curry is facing the same problem.  He said  JacksonPublic works fixed a sewage backup at an apartment complex on nearby Raymond Road.

As reporters we endure many things, but one thing I've never been able to handle is the smell of human excrement. The smell is so strong in that house, we're conducting the interview outside.

"I'm really disgusted," Curry said.

Curry, a nursing student who also works, is forced to brush his teeth in the kitchen and use the bathroom elsewhere.

"I can't shower in my own bathroom. I pay my bills on time, I'm at least trying to buy a house," Curry added.

It happened at the Owens house too this week. They've already cleaned up.

"It's disgusting, real bad smell, make you sick to your stomach, Justin Owens said.

Curry says the city came out Thursday night and left a tag on his door that says there's nothing wrong with the city line and he should call a plumber, just like he did two years ago.

But oddly, while we talked to Curry Friday the city paid him a call.

"She called me to say a company is coming over to give us an estimate on how much it's gonna be to clean up, Curry said.

The Owens family got that call too. Is the City of Jackson finally taking responsibility and will they pay for what these homeowners have already doled out?

"I would be really shocked if they cleaned it up, Curry said.

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