Residents of State Street Senior Residents concerned about fire - - Jackson, MS

Residents of State Street Senior Residents concerned about fire safety

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JACKSON, MS (WLBT) - A cooking mishap sent smoke billowing through a downtown Jackson high rise Sunday night, trapping some elderly residents who said they can't take the stairs.

Jackson fire officials say they responded to the State Street Senior Residences when smoke filled the hallways. Residents say the smoke alarm sounded, and the elevator stopped working for up to two hours.

Rita Brown says her 70-year-old-mother, who recently had knee replacement surgery, lives on the fourth floor.

"This has been going on periodically and I'm just saying that if something really happens, a fire breaks out, it's no way she can come down four flights of stairs. Not only that, what about the people on the 10th and 11th floors," Brown said.

"They don't have wheelchair ramps. So if there was a true emergency we don't know if the fire department came in how many would be lost just to smoke inhalation or fire," added resident, Hugh Jones.

A maintenance man in the building would not comment.

Residents say a property manager lives on site, but they have been unable to locate her.

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