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Pearl residents save elderly couple from fire

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By David Kenney

PEARL, MS (WLBT) - Two Pearl residents are being called heroes tonight after saving their neighbors' lives.

A fire broke out around 8:30 Sunday night at 140 Patton Drive in Pearl. An elderly man and woman were trapped in their home.

Jerry Shields was just a few feet from his driveway when it happened.

"I saw flames coming out by the door. I immediately ran up to the door and asked if anybody was home," said Shields. "A woman screamed her husband was in the back, and someone needed to come in there and do something about it."

Without thinking, Jerry ran into the burning structure. He felt his way through the heat and dark plumes, his lungs filling with smoke with every breath.

"It was like tear gas in your eyes. It was like breathing through a wet wash cloth you couldn't breathe at all," said Shields.

The heroes broke several windows trying to get some of the smoke out of the house. That's when help arrived.

Firefighters say every second counts when it comes to fires. In this case, the quick thinking of two men may have saved two lives.

"There's no thinking about it. I just did what anybody would have did, just go on in there," said Shields.

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