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Attala murder arrest follow up

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By Bert Case

KOSCIUSKO, MS (WLBT) - On May 25th, 2007, 53-year-old Danny Tavares of Kosciusko was brutally murdered. It happened at his car lot, Tavares Motors.

Now almost four years later, Kosciusko police have charged 38-year-old Theotus Barnett with Tavares' death.

Barnett is in jail in Memphis on a robbery charge. Detective Curtis Pope of the Kosciusko police department told us how Barnett was traced.

"His DNA was uploaded into KODIS and his DNA we had on scene we were able to match it to his DNA. Why was his DNA on scene, well it was obvious there was a altercation inside the building," said Pope.

Family members had called WLBT about the slow pace of the investigation last year.

"I hear nothing. It's like it's been forgotten, and I don't want my son forgotten," said victim's mother Grace Pee. "He deserves better than that and if something not done, they won't catch them."

Detective Pope says the family has a different attitude now.

"The family seems to be at ease now that they finally got some answers, and they all seem to be at peace," said Pope.

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